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  1. Hi Denise – Just found your blog by accident. Was looking at Judy Laguidara’s and just picked yours to see what you were doing. I just love your Christmas project. Where did you find the pattern or did you design it yourself? I would love to make one like it. I also love to applique. Am very new to quilting. Am just finishing my first quilt. It is flying geese made from my daughter’s dress scraps. Also working on the KC Star applique of last year. I live in Kansas, but just about 20 miles from Judy. She stays so busy, I can’t keep up with her. H Jackie

    • Jackie – glad you like it. I know the Santa and candycanes came from a quilt book or books somewhere but can’t remember which ones. The other two patterns I think where ones I had hand drawn at some point so there’s no real pattern for all of it I can point you to. If I only lived 20 miles from Judy L, I’d be stopping in to find out what she’s quilting on and what she’s cooking! I did get to spend a week’s vacation where a group of us got together to quilt and she was one of them so finally got to meet her in person and she was our chief cook so got to taste many of her yummy recipes in person! But for her sake, it’s probably good I don’t live closer. 🙂

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