Catching up

It’s been a busy week and I haven’t gotten to the sewing machine and when I tried to post on the blog earlier in the week my dial up was having fits and kept knocking me off line so I finally gave up.

So, to bring things up to date….last week’s design wall items are finished! Yep, both of them.  Here’s the four holiday blocks finished.  And the plum basket was posted here. 










I put two new projects up on the wall this past Monday, tho so far no progress has been made on them tho I plan to remedy that today.

1005100011The one on the left is a block I received in a “In the Garden” or some such similar named block swap many years ago.  All the blocks had to have a garden theme.  The garden angel looks like she’s got her hand out offering seed to a bird so I may need to put some french knot “birdseed” in her hand and maybe find a ceramic button bird to add.  But first I need to figure out some borders for it.

On the right is “Baxter Bear” of “Baxter’s Wild Ride” – one of the free EQ download patterns**  – tho this center block is not the same as the finished design since it lacks trees and some other details. 

**I remembered a day after posting this message that this file is not in the EQ dowloads yet – it’s one that, despite printing just fine for me, won’t upload  and gives  an error message so there must be an open line somewhere that I haven’t had time to locate yet.**

 I decided after making this version that it was too plain with all the snowy fabrics so went back and added some applique trees in Baxter’s snowy scene.  This one will just get some simple borders, not the many paperpieced trees in the orignal design – tho I do want to make that one too.  I’ve been collecting new fabrics that will work for snow and snowy shadows to make the final EQ version of this project.

And while I’m at it – the stashbusting report….Hmmm… no sewing this week other than hand finishing bindings so nothing purchased, nothing used.  Now to get busy in the sewing room so I have some stash busting to report next week!