Friday Sewing

I decided I needed another 3 day weekend so took today off.  Ran some errands and then it was back into the sewing room.  Somewhere under all those fabric scraps there is carpet but you can’t take a day off work to clean – that would just be wrong – so I’ll continue to add to the disaster as I work on other projects. 🙂

1005030002  This is the block that was on the design wall on Monday.  It’s now a completed little top I call Fresh From the Farmer’s Market.  We have a great Farmer’s Market here every Saturday and Wednesday with all likes of wonderful items to buy all grown by local farmers.  The fruit fabrics are all from a swap we did several years ago of fruit and veggie FQs.    I still have a stack of them for another project.  It would look good in my kitchen but don’t know if I’ve really got a spot to hang it.  I used some of the fruit and veggie fabrics, ironed them to freezer paper so they’d hold up and then put them inside old canning jars and have them displayed along the top of my kitchen cabinets along with an old back and white speckled canner.  Brightens up that dead space at the top of the cabinet and makes a nice display so may have to see if I can find a place to hang this.


I’ve been digging through the swap boxes again and found some mitten swap blocks so part of those have now been set into a top that is layered to be quilted.  And also finished off a little snowman wallhanging last night.  So currently I’m on a roll, finishing up a few of the projects that have been waiting for a while to have something done with them.

Tomorrow I’ll be off to the Wisconsin Quilt Expo.  Quilts to see, free demonstrations going on at two different stages, and of course vendors galore!  The perfect way the day but I think my stash busting efforts could suffer a set back by the end of the day. 🙂