3 day quilting marathon

My plans for this extended 3 day weekend – quilt, go out for breakfast (which I’ve already accomplished along with a trip to the bookstore and quilt shop), quilt some more, go out and get a new lamp for my sewing room tomorrow and buy a friend an turtle sundae to celebrate her birthday, quilt, bake some bread, quilt, quilt and maybe quilt!

The holiday blocks I put up on the design wall Monday have not been speaking to me so I shoved them aside and moved on.  Four little snowman blocks  -left overs from a project – wanted to be set into a wallhanging.  I love to hand applique so often get carried away before I realize I’ve made more blocks than I need but I always find a use for them …. eventually.   So I set those four together last night.  Just as soon as I finished, I found one more … now where was he hiding the first time I want through that box.  Well, he gets to be a separate little wallhanging that will go on a wire hanger I have with a star on the top.  I used the same striped border fabric on both, just different sections of it – and yes, all those fabrics came from the stash.  The trip above the little wallhanging is a tube of fabric I made form the border stripe that I will use for tabs to attach the finished wallhanging to the wire hanger rod.

1004290013 1004290012

I’ve pulled out several other items that will make other cute little wallhangings or potholders – you can never have too many of those since all the women in the family love getting them so they are great quicky gifts – so I may get some Christmas gifts ready in the process.

Finally finished sewing down the binding on six little wallhangings this past week in the evenings.  One is for a mini quilt swap I need to get mailed out next week, one went to  a friend today as her birthday gift (and dang, I’ll have to take a photo next time I’m at her house cause I forgot to take one before I gave it to her) and the rest will just go in the finished pile.  I’ll post photos later… I’ve got to get some bread started and clear a path between sewing table and iron and clear away the mess from last night’s sewing marathon – I started at 7 p.m. and finally decided I should head to bed about 1:30 a.m. but much progress (and mess) was made.