Design Wall Monday

It’s Christmas on my design wall today. 



I pulled out a bunch of blocks made…hmmm… let’s just say “several” years ago… out of some very bright fabrics.  They need to be set together.  More blocks may be needed, many blocks need to be trimmed down to size – once I figure out what that size might be, some sort of setting has to miraculously shout out that “this is how you should do it” along with what type of sashing or blocks I should use to set them all together, and I need to go searching in the stash to see if I can find any fabrics to use to put this thing all together.  And all those poor faceless snowmen and Santas – but they’ll probably end up with button embellishments so those can wait.

One of my favorite blocks is the tangled up lights.

1004240003  Now what in the world am  with all these?  While I like the look of sampler style quilts with different size blocks in them – I hate all the “cipherin” that has to happen to make sure everything is going to fit all together. 🙂

My first plan of attack – see if there’s any more bright blocks in the Christmas tops & blocks box.  Maybe there’s a few more that will play nicely with this group.

6 comments on “Design Wall Monday

    • No – no specific plan when I was making them. I started with just a couple of blocks that I was going to make into a wallhanging but as with many of my applique projects, they take on a life of their own. I think I had nothing else waiting in the wings to applique on (and cannot just sit and watch tv in the evenings – my hands have to be doing something) so just kept making blocks figuring to use them in something eventually.

  1. Well, they are going to make a very bright cheery fun thing to have hanging around when it’s cold out!! Find more blk, make more and then play, play, and play some more!! it will be a blast to get this out in the open and let it live in the daylight for a bit!! yes, the snowmen need ‘button eyes’ and – well, I hope you do find more blks because bright is fun!!!

    • Yes – it is fun to bring projects that have been packed away out into the light of day. Gives you a fresh perspective on them and sometimes an even better idea replaces the old one. So will just have to stare at them on the wall awhile and see what I come up with.

    • I probably could finish it by then but won’t. 🙂 I’ve been working for several years, off and on, on christmas quilts for the whole family. It will end up being one of those so it may make it to finished top but probably won’t get quilted by then.

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