A full day of quilting

Well I’m on a roll.  Now that I replaced my broken walking foot, it was time to get to some machine quilting this weekend.  Yesterday I layered and quilted a large lap quilt along with a tiny wallhanging which is just a single Moon Over the Mountain block I had left over, and also my mini quilt wallhanging for a swap.  All three now just need the binding hand sewn down.

The today, bright and early, I went looking for more projects to quilt.  Pulled out the apron swap blocks I had sewn into a top not too long ago, along with some siggy blocks.  The siggy blocks have had a rough life.  They were from a quilt retreat in 2005 and when I originally pieced the blocks together I dumped coffee or soda on them but didn’t notice.  So then there was set in “brown” splot to get out.  Soaking didn’t help so I ended up washing them.  Which of course sort of skewed things out of shape a bit.  So it got put aside probably never to see the light of day again.  However, today I pulled it out and steamed the dickins out of it and it didn’t look too bad.  So added a border around the edges, black with tiny bright hearts on it, to sort of rein it all in to size and I think it will look okay in the end. It will hang on my sewing room wall as a reminder of that trip when it’s done.

Here it is so far.

1004230002  And that poor little lone block on on the design wall.  Well I found it as I was going through UFO boxes.  It’s a left over block from a project from friend Judy’s Nine Patch Extravaganza book – I made one too many blocks – so I think it will be come “something”.  Maybe the center for a little wallhanging or perhaps a pillow center.  I have to go digging in the stash because I think I still have more fabrics from the quilt that block was from that I can use with it.

Three other applique blocks, which were supposed to be used in one project, I decided I’d like better as three separate little wallhangings.  Those three blocks are now quilted and just need their binding hand stitched too.  So while watching a movie tonight I’ll have seven projects to work on bindings for, so that should keep me busy for a little while.


So for the stashbusting report – with all that quilting going on only 3 yards used this week – the larger projects I had previously pieced the backings for and counted them already so backings for those single block wallhangings and bindings really didnt’ amount to much.  But I was at the fabric store this weekend but didn’t buy fabric so that’s miraculous.

Used this week: 3 yds; used Y-T-D: 182; purchased Y-T-D: 131.  Net: 51 yds.