Mini quilt madness

Madness yes, because it’s been procrastination at it’s best.  I’ve know for many weeks that I need to have a Mini quilt done for the summertime swap and I’ve spent much time thinking about it.  Trying to decide what to make.  The person I sent it to, who does not know it is coming from me (sort of like a secret pal thing not to be revealed until the wallhanging is received) did include a hint on what she likes but it’s still up to me decide if I go down that road or not.  I’d come up with a plan and then a day or two later decide I didn’t like it.  I actually started one project and no – it’s just not right for this – so it got put aside and will be completed some day (year?) down the road.  No idea I came up with really excited me.  But at last, I have a plan and I like this plan and will stick to it.  So this weekend I will actually have to turn the plan into action. 
While I generally hand applique, this project will be machine appliqued so as I was gathering supplies that I would need and picking out fabrics (still haven’t come to a final decision on the fabrics yet) I was looking for stabilizer to use when machine satin stitching.  None to be found and I really don’t feel like making a stop this week at the fabric store (oh the horror – did I really say not wanting to stop at the fabric store???)  but then I remembered those coffee filters. Yes, your average ruffly edged coffee filters you use in your kitchen.  They make great stabilizer for applique, especially if  you are working in smaller areas.  Just iron them flat and place them under your fabric.  They are easy to stitch on and they tear away so easily.
Now I knew somewhere I had a whole package of them (I now have a coffee maker that uses a different type of filter so knew I had leftovers from the last coffeemaker) but searched all the kitchen cabinets to no avail.   Checked the laundry room where excess “stuff” seems to migrate. Nope not there.  Wandered into the sewing room to see if I had anything else I could substitute as stabalizer and Eureka! I had actually stuck them in the sewing closet knowing I could use them for applique.  I knew they were in a “safe” place, but sometimes those “safe places” are so safe that I never find back what I so carefully put away. 🙂  So my goal is get that mini wallhanging appliqued and quilted and bound this weekend so it can get out in the mail sooner rather than later.

2 comments on “Mini quilt madness

  1. I like the tip about coffee filters. I imagine they are probably softer and easier to manage than Stitch-and-Tear….that’s what we use here. You are very prolific with your quilting. I am one who takes forever to finish a quilt.

    • Yes they are a bit softer and since they’re a bit thinner than Stitch-n-Tear (which I’ve used in the past) they are easier to tear away without pulling on the stitches. Plus you can really stitch a lot with a pack of coffee filters so it’s cheaper.

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