It’s a pair! and Design Wall Monday?

Yes! a pair of socks! 
1004170001Not perfectly matched since I really wasn’t going to try to get the color bands to match up perfect to each other – that would have been insane.  And I like that they aren’t a perfect match. 🙂  And one of my nieces will think they’re the greatest gift.
And just to prove that I haven’t weakened in my vow to finish the mates to a pair or two of the 4 or 5 single socks I have, here’s a picture of my start on the next sock and it’s mate that is waiting for it to be finished.
So one pair down – four more “mates” to go…..
What’s on the design wall??  Well…….
Just some poor little left over scraps to say “hi”. 🙂  That Judy is a slave driver.  I just last night finished the project that was on the design wall so haven’t had time to find a new one to stick up there yet.    Oh yes, all there’s a whole lot of threads stuck to that wall as you can see in just the photo – trust me there’s many more — now where is that vacuum cleaner???  That’s why I don’t have a project up there – I have to clean it off first – yeah…. right… that’s it.