A little cookin and a little quiltin

It was a little of everything kind of day here.  I did some baking, some cooking and some quilting, ran to the grocery store, and spent part of the day sitting outside in the gorgeous weather, drinking coffee and flipping through quilt magazines.
Bread was made but hmmmm….it’s not necessarily a pretty site.  I used a recipe that came with the mix master and it definitely needs more of a flour adjustment.  The dough was supposed to be a bit sticky – and it was – so I made one plain loaf and spread melted butter, cinnamon sugar and raisins in side the other but ack! it really stuck to the counter as I was trying to roll it into shape.  And I mean stuck – even with flour under it.  Finally I managed to gather it all back up off the counter and smoosh it around so the goodies inside were actually ‘inside’ the loaf.  It is not a ‘pretty’ loaf of bread but it is absolutely yummy.
Also  made a peach & nectarine crisp – my favorite kind with the ‘crisp’ on both the top and bottom. and made homemade eggrolls for dinner.  They are one of my favorite things but I hate making them so don’t do it very often but they were so good.  They too don’t necessarily look pretty but yummmm.  And they are even better as leftovers, the flavors come out even more. 
I’ve been so busy lately that I’ve just been grabbing something to eat that’s quick so it was nice to actually cook something for a change.  Tomorrow night it’s barbequed ribs.
On the sewing front I made some more progress on the blocks I was working on last weekend.
It still needs the top sashing added.  Then it is supposed to get a scrappy squares border around it. However, since I used a jelly roll, don’t think I have enough scraps left so hopefully have enough to add it just to top and bottom.  I’d like it a little longer before adding the final borders since it will probably be a graduation quilt to be used in a college dorm. 
And yes, there was even a little knitting going on today now that I think of it. I’m down to the toe shaping on one sock – in the final stretch – and it will actually make a completed PAIR! and not just another single sock to add to the pile.
Gosh looking at all this – clearly I couldn’t pick one thing and stick to it today. 🙂  But I’ve just put on the coffee and it’s time to try that peach crisp.