Design Wall Monday

What’s on the design wall — well the blocks for these were on the wall last week and are now tops. 
1004020002 1004020004 (2)


The two wineglass wallhangings were made for a swap at a quilt retreat in Texas a couple years ago and the Moon Over the Mountain block was also from a swap and is the most favorite out of all the ones I made – I love that background fabric – so I’m going to make a single little wallhanging out of that one.  The border fabric/alternate blocks in the wineglass wallhangings has all kinds of wine implements on it – openers, corkscrews, corks. etc.  Look for the wine glass EQ file to show up in the freebie downloads when I get a chance to load it.  It’s a paperpieced pattern.

Now on the design wall are these blocks.  
1004090002   It’s just a strippy pattern I found in a quilt magazine I wanted to try – really quick and easy.  The original pattern had strips of varying sizes but I had a jelly roll which worked out perfect for it.  Needs sashing between those rows yet and thena couple borders added.  Hmm.  My electrical outlets are not at the top of the wall – I just noticed the photo is upside down.   Oh well – doesn’t matter for the design.
And the big news – I finally got to pick some ripe tomatoes tonight!
Yellow pear tomatoes and one biggie. A few need to sit in the bowl a day or so and ripen just a bit more but  the yellow ones are calling out to be put in a salad with mozarella and the big one is just calling out for a BLT I think … wonder if there’s any bacon in the freezer!