Pickin Time

The garden pots are coming along nicely.  This week I picked these:
They don’t look very big in the photo but that’s one whopping large basket I’ve got them in.  They’re all about 4-5″ long so very nice sized.  In addition to these I previously picked two that I gave to a friend that stopped by and two others I ate.  I think the lighter green ones are from the “yellow” bell pepper plant so I’m going to let the rest of the ones still on that plant go to see if they ripen to yellow.    But those pepper plants are still loaded with more than a dozen additional peppers and still blossoming.
My tomatoe plants are loaded but the weather just hasn’t been hot enough to ripen them quickly.  Finally this weekend I saw this:
Yes, those are yellow pear tomatoes finally starting to turn yellow.  I should be able to pick a couple for my dinner tomorrow night I think.
On the quilting front –  Stashbusting report – I’ve used about 5 yds this week for a quilt back but need to officially add it to my report yet and no new fabric.  Plus I’ve got a project I’ve been working on this weekend but will wait until the top is finished to tally that one.
I was greatly dismayed tho – I sewed the quilt backing for a lap quilt, pieced to sections of batting to use up some leftovers, and was ready to layer everything and discovered when I looked at the machine I do my machine quilting on that I must have knocked it against something when I put it in the closet because I had broken the walking foot.  It was hooked onto the machine but the plastic where it screws on was snapped right off.  I must have hit the edge of the fabric shelf I think.  Well no machine quilting for me this weekend.  I need to make a stop for a new foot one day this week.   Couldn’t really decide what to work on after that but finally pulled out a jelly roll grouping and have been making blocks with that from a magazine pattern I wanted to try.   The blocks are all done – very quick and easy.  But it’s  just been a lazy weekend and I just can’t get too enthused over anything so think I’ll go sit on the patio , have a cup of coffee, and try to figure out what kind of border I’m going to put on this project once I get the blocks all sashed.