Socks – their lonely “single” life

Yes, there are lonely socks at my house, they are single and looking for a mate.  They need to find a dating service for socks  – or they need me to stop trying out all the new lovely yarns and actually make them a mate!!  Here they are – aren’t they pretty.

1003290002   The dark one on the bottom just needs it’s toe woven together and it will be finished too.  But I have vowed I will finish their mates – well may not all of them – but a few of them before trying out any new yarn… well I’ll finish at least one of them… before trying out any new yarn.  I really like the way the ones with the all ribbed tops fit tho they look a bit odd when they are finished but that ribbing is very stretchy.

But yes I shall make them some mates so they don’t have to be lonely forever.  However, there is this…..



1003290006 Yes, it’s new sock yarn!  A dear friend who knows of my fairly recent fetish with making socks gave it to me for my birthday last week.  It’s such pretty shades of green – one of my favorite colors – and she wasn’t sure how much I needed so got two skeins which is enough for two pairs of socks.  I know she’d dearly love hand knit socks so she may get a pair for christmas made from this yarn.  Will power – I shall not break open the wrapper on this yarn until at least one sock above has a mate!  Maybe……



On the gardening front – in my little patio garden – look at the shiny green peppers peaking out from under these leaves. 


There’s at least six of them peaking out and several more that are hidden among the leaves on these two plants alone.  I’ll have to give them a drink and see if there’s any ready for harvesting.


Here’s the rest of my little garden.


It’s a bit hard to make out the plants form all the weeks and grass growing on the other side behind them but they are doing well with lots of tomatoes hanging on the vines too.  I had to get creative and pull the hanging basket crooks to put in behind them to tie the tomatoes to so they don’t fall over from the weight of the tomatoes at the ends of some of the vines.  I’m anxiously awaiting some ripe tomatoes!