From blocks to rows

Most of the Moon over the Mountain blocks that were on the design wall yesterday are now sewn into long rows.  Once again I’ve changed my mind on how to set them together and I think they will be offset as they look on the design wall, with the top and bottom filled in with that purple fabric between the blocks.
I was too lazy to move the ironing board but the botom is offset like the top too.  I’ve got one more row to finish joining that goes on the right side.
Oh it’s stashbusting reporting day – well, I’ve been shopping again – had to buy the fabrics for the sashing and framing on this quilt, and some other fabrics hopped into my bag this weekend – to sash and border a wallhanging.  But I’ve sort of fallen off the wagon (perhaps I need to call a stashbusting sponsor for a pep talk) :-)as far as keeping track on my chart as to fabrics in and fabric used – so I’ll have to play catch up with my little spreadsheet but that’s too much hard thinking for tonight since I have to figure out what I used on a couple projects.  At least the fabrics I bought for sashing, framing and borders won’t end up in the stash since I’ve nearly got them all sewn into their projects already.
And look what I picked froom my garden pots yesterday …
The biggest one was nearly 5″ long – nice big one which was delicious on the salad I had with dinner that night.
There was also some baking going on today.  I love the mixmaster for making bread – it’s my new best friend.  Mixes it up so quickly and no more sore wrists from kneading dough.  Made a loaf of bread and the rest of the dough made into a pan of raisin cinnamon rolls. Yummy!