What’s on the Design wall?

Well I’ve fallen behind in posting this but here it is anyway.  Last time I had about 100 6″ blocks up on the wall.  Here’s  what it looked like last time I posted it.  There’s been a bit of work since then.


Here’s what it looks like today….1003150001

A few rounds have been added but I had to pull most of the other blocks off so I had room to work.  I may have to put it up sideways so I can arrange the next round of blocks around and it decide which ones go where.  I’ve got 2 more rounds of blocks to add with another HST border in between and the plain borders around them.  Course it took a while to get to this point since I got my section switched and sewed two side sections in their opposite location.  It wouldn’t have mattered but both sections had block with a one way design which of course ended up upside down.  So ripped them back off, switched one other block around, and still ended up with a heart block that is hanging upside down!  I’ll fix that later – it’s just applique so I can take it off and turn it around but I was not ripping one of those rows off again.  This also caused the corner blocks to now be positioned the way I planned but I can live with that.