Stashbusting week 29

Well I’m not very good at this “busting” of stash.  I’ve been using it but I clearly love buying fabric.   In looking at my totals, I’ve used a net amount so far of just over 27 yards – when compared to the purchases total so far, it doesn’t seem like much.  But then I got to thinking,  I’ve actually used 147.25 so far (and purchased 120 to date) , and if you consider that I work and am gone form home every week day from 7 a.m. until 6 p.m. (using up much coveted quilting time) then using the amount of fabric I have so far is pretty dang good!  See you can justify anything if you  try hard enough. 🙂  Course there’s a couple big projects that are in the works that I’m not adding totals in until the end – yes more justification – so my numbers are actually a bit better but as I said, I love to buy fabric.
If I look at the number of projects I’ve finished (as in quilted, bound, totally finished) so far in the last six months, many of which were tops waiting to be quilted in the top stash, I’ve finished 20 projects ranging from crib size quilts  to queen size quilts and another dozen or so smaller ones – most of which went to charity causes.  Not too shabby.  (more justification?).  So heck I’m not feeling guilty about buying fabric especially since most of those projects I finished all went to charity causes so some of the fabric I bought is actually a project for me, mine all mine, which I seldom do.
 I see from the comments on the Judy’s site that I’m in good company with other fabric purchasers this week.  The real problem is I’m a good quilt fabric power shopper.  🙂  I know what I like and it takes me very little time to pull together fabrics. Give me 15 minutes in a quilt shop and I can do a lot of damage.
So here’s what I “had” to purchase yesterday.  1003110005The fabrics on the left are for a graduation quilt I need to make.  The center row is a line of Christmas fabric for me me me.  I just love it – the browns and sort of a light tealy blue.  It will be a lap quilt for me.  And the fabrics on the right are just cause I liked them and are actually part of the middle line of Christmas fabric, just a different colorway.  It’s Figgy Pudding by Moda and of course has that nice Moda feel – love their fabrics.



Now to get back to the quilt I’m working on.  After a little brunch – the Blueberry Buckle has just come out of the oven and the coffee is on…..
and the Pilgrim’s Bread I’m making should have risen enough to shape into loaves. It’s an intesting recipe with cornmeal, rye, wheat and white flour so I’m anxious to see how it turns out.



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  1. Don’t you hste it when work gets in the way of quilting? I’m now off on vacation for 4 weeks and I plan on quilting for most of it. All those projects that you don’t want to start because you don’t have enough time. Well I hope it works for me. Keep on quilting!

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