Garden – near disaster!

The garden pots are looking great.  However I came home tonight and my giant tomato pot had tipped over!  It had been sitting on top of two big landscape square logs but it was really windy and the wind must have caught it.  Luckily when I tipped it back up (and set it on level ground instead of the logs) it appears it’s no worse for the tumble.  It’s got one lonely little tomatoe on it so fawr.  The yellow pear as several clusters of them now growing and  one pepper plant in particular is loaded with tiny little bell peppers.    Obviously they are not as protected from the wind as I thought they were down below the hill here and they’re a bit top heavy since the plants are so tall.  Oops  – actually there is one little broken branch on one of tomatoes that took the fall I notice now but not the main stalk so that’s a good thing.  I got a delivery today from a coworker of fresh raspberries and lettuce out of their garden which look really good so think there will be some berries for dinner tonight.
No sewing progress the past couple of nights since I’ve been busy with other things but the latest sock I’m knitting I’ve just rounded the heel  so have made it past the half way mark! LOL  It’s lime green, shades of blue and if I remember right a little gray mixed in.  Yes, everyone is going to have very bright socks!