Week 28 Stashbusting

After missing the past two stashbusting reporting weekends, it’s time to catch up tho not a whole lot to report.  Luckily I made some banners that my Mom needed so I at least used some of the stash.  My Mom does not sew – other than mending – it’s not something she enjoys doing so I kept her amazed as I pulled out all sorts of tools, gadgets and supplies to make these banners.  I used Printed Treasures to print the words on for the saying that was to go on the banner and then cut the words out and we fused them on — rather than hand lettering which is how she had done the past ones.  One banner needed a boat on it.  I turned on EQ, pulled up a bunch of boat blocks so she could pick the one she liked and colored it in.  She asked if it needed water – so I searched for water print fabric and plugged that in and printed on fabric.  One with ballons, needed strings – again in my box of goodies I had fusible bias tape that made great balloon strings.  Yes, she was totally in awe of my fun little toys and it made the work so much faster so I was glad I got to help her with them. Alas, I forgot to take any photos of them.

So thanks to those banners, and some blocks I was working on yesterday, I actually used 6 yards of fabric , 143.25 YTD. 

While at my sister’s she served a pineapple casserole.  I have to tell you, I was looking at it a bit askance since I have this thing about eating certain textures of food.  But, this was incredibly delicious and I had to make some when I got home.  Really quick and easy too.  Don’t let the fact that it’s pineapple and cheese mixed together put you off.  If you like pineapple, you will love this – a perfect side dish to ham – or even as a dessert… can you tell I really LIKE this stuff.  You can find the recipe here.   Don’t judge it by the photo with the recipe – it does not make it look appealing – but yummmmmm.