Heat and Humidity

It’s been a week of hot and very humid weather which is finally letting up a bit.  But one good thing about it, I think my tomatoes and peppers are growing several inches each night in this weather.  Both have started blossoming  – so far so good – and my pot grown veggie plants look much healthier than those growing in the apartment garden plot which were planted at the same time – so maybe it’s to my advantage they forgot to make me a garden space. 

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This weekend there’s a birthday party for my OLDER brother — much OLDER since he’s now 50! 🙂  And my parents are making the visiting rounds in Wisconsin and Iowa having tried to escape the Arizona heat.  So there will be a gathering of most of the family – with the exception of my younger brother and his family who couldn’t come back from Georgia rigth now.

Now see this pile of quilts – well actually lap quilts and wallhangings of various sizes and shapes – little do they (the family) know it but we’re going to have the great quilt giveaway tomorrow.  This is only a portion of what was hanging finished in the closet.  How many quilts and wallhangings does one quilter need to keep!  So I figure we’ll put everyone’s name in a hat, and whoever’s name we draw, gets to choose first which, if any, quilt they want.  Now don’t you wish you were going to be at this gathering!  But first I have to go check the stack (see below) again to make sure I haven’t included any in there that I truly want to keep.  I think there’s about 15-17 different projects in that stack.