It’s PINK!

I got a surprise goodie yesterday at work.  A thank you from the charity golf outing organizers for all the quilts and wallhangings I’ve donated over the past five years.  And it’s a wonderful goodie!  A Cook for the Cure KitchenAid mixer.  And yes…. it’s pink!
Here it is in all its glory.
I love to bake bread but the mixing and kneading by hand my poor wrists can’t take anymore.  So I’ve been using the bread machine to mix the dough and let it rise, then taking it out and baking in the oven (I just down like the way the bread machine bakes).  But over time the bread machine is loosing its umpf and I figured I was going to have to replace it.  No more! Now I can mix my bread in this.  And of course the gals at the office are wondering when I’m going to try it out so I can bring something in for them to taste test! 🙂 Can’t wait until I have time to try it out.
And here’s my latest “almost” a sock.  Just a few more rows to go on the toe.  I really love the colors in this yarn.
I got an email from the recipient of my mini quilt swap wallhanging.  She loves it so I’m really pleased.  The mail service is a mystery.  It can take days to get a package to my parents in Arizona sending it from Wisconsin, yet I sent the quilt to Sweden and it only took three days – go figure!

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