Stashbusting Report

I finally started quilting on the Ribbon Butterfly Quilt after dinner last night.  About 1 a.m. I called it quits and nearly have all the stabalizing quilt in the ditch type stuff finished.  I don’t know how many large HSTs are in the outer border but as I’ve been stitching the ditch around the outside two edges of them, shifting, rearranging that quilt to do so to get it to cooperate with my sewing machine, it seems like a zillion!  The quilt ended up being about 80″ square and the problem with a square quilt — you never get to those two shorter sides to work across like with a rectangular one so it seems to take even longer.  But once  finish off the last side of in the ditch, I can move on to the free motion which is always more fun.

Yesterday I spent a better part of the morning/afternoon playing with an old EQ file recovered from an old computer.  When I originally drew it, it just wasn’t working out right.  Now, several years later, a DUH moment and I figured out why I had been having trouble.  In the original drawing of Patched Kats, the “patch” area is rectangular – making the pieced insets skewed and hence, they’d be a pain to stitch unless some of them were paperpieced – not my favorite thing to do.  Here’s the original drawing.

badkats (2)

I call these the “badkats.”  They were not playing nicely.

So after realizing I needed to redraw the body to be able insert square patches (why this didn’t come to me when originally drawing is a mystery!) it all came together much more nicely. 

Here’s what I came up with after much drawing and redrawing the border sections and adding inner borders to get everything to look right, along with sashing that divides each row so the kats don’t look line they’re sittin on each other’s head!  I really like it tho it still needs a bit more tweaking and more insert blocks made – I just plugged in the ones I had so far but the final version hopefully will have a different design in each kat.  Plus I decided to switch the hearts from applique (above) to pieced (below).

patchkatbimp (2)

Now as for stashbusting, yes there was some of that going on this week too.  Backing fabric and swap blocks came from the stash.

Fabric used this week:  9 yards

Fabric used YTD: 125.5

YTD purchases: 101

Now back to quilting.  I’ve got a fresh pot of pecan pie coffee (yummy!) and some rice krispie treats made in case I need a sugar boost later. 🙂


9 comments on “Stashbusting Report

  1. Love the look of the cat quilts

    from Justquiltin: Thanks Maggie. Though I’m more a dog person than a cat person, after a little tweaking I may make this one.

  2. The updated drawing is the ‘katz meow”! Love it.

    from justquiltin: Thanks Liz! 🙂

  3. Yes, it’s definitely better with the square blocks in it. I have no clue what I was working with the rectangles originally. LOL

    • Thanks Liz. The stashbusting is so so since I’ve added a lot of fabric this year – but probably less than I normally would have. However, there is an online order of wide backing fabric and just a “few” other little goodies that should be arriving this week. 🙂

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