Mittens and hats and slippers … oh my

After a little shopping trip yesterday to get more yarn, I came up with another gift idea.  A friend I needed a gift for has a dog so spends lots of time out walking in the snow and cold.  I found a great chunky variegated yarn to make a hat and a solid worsted to match it for a pair of mittens.  The hat made up super quick since it’s done on size 15 needles and I really like the style.  The pattern was off the back of the yarn wrapper.   So for a chance of pace (from slippers) I made the hat and have one mitten finished and the other about half way done.  Although I generally hate wearing hats myself, this one I actually might wear since it may not actually give you a bad case of  “hat hair” when you take it off.   The hat still needs to have a floppy tassle added to the top. 

But this pattern will also solve my problem of coming up with a gift for the husbands of two really good friends.  We all get together each holiday season and exchange gifts and have a meal.  Their hubbies I have the hardest time coming up with an inexpensive gift idea.  But I saw some great chunky yarn in dark colors so they may get the same hat, minus the tassle (a little more manly looking without it). 🙂  I think it would be great fun to make their whole family matching hats and mittens.


So time to get busy around here.  Cinnamon raisin bread is rising and will make the house smell so good baking.  But today will be spent curled up in a chair, snuggled under a quilt, watching old movies and more knitting – I can’t think of a more perfect way to spend a cold and dreary Sunday.