Visit with the Family

Had a lovely few days visit with my parents.  They were here in cold Wisconsin having arrived from sunny Arizona.  Not so sure they will appreciate the snow we got today. 🙂  Enough snow to coat most of the ground a little but it pretty much disappeared by the time I headed home for work. It was pretty while it was falling tho.

After my parents picked me up, wWe headed to my Aunt’s house and spent a few days with her which was nice.  While there, I worked on some of my christmas presents.  Rather than all quilted items, some of gifts this year will be knit and/or crocheted this year.

Slippers, slippers and more slippers I’ve been making.  Perfect for running around the house and keeping your tootsies warm at the same time.  And hey – if you’ve got wood floors, they work as a dust mop at the same time. 🙂  Usually when I’m looking for a pattern, I find only one in a whole book of patterns that I really like. Not this time – I came across a book at the local craft store that has 10 different slipper patterns and there’s really only one that I probably don’t see myself ever making.  The book is by Annie’s Attic and you can see it here on their website.

I’m making several different styles of slippers and testing out the sizes, hoping they will fit someone when I get them done.  So far so good on most of them.

The first photo below was the first pair I made and for some reason each slipper is a different size.  I believe it is due to “operator error” 🙂  I made a pair of knit mittens in between making the first and second slipper and I think I grabbed a different size hook when I went to make the second one.  Will probably keep this pair for myself and fix one of them later so they are the correct size.  I love the little crocheted baubles on the ends of the ties.

The second and third photo are the same pattern except I added a lacy look edging to the top of the pair in the second photo – that last one is my favorite so far – love the finished look and the yarns and super easy to make. 

I need to make a trip to the store for more yarn but that could be bad – it’s also located in my favorite local quilt store, Stitchers Crossing, which means the fabric stash, as well as the yarn stash could be enhanced!