Fall Cleaning

Well the cleaning frenzy is nearly over.  Every nook and cranny and closet has been cleaned and reorganized.  Winter clothes have been brought out of storage in the nick of time – it’s been snow flurrying the past three days.  Extra quilts and blankets washed and ready to be used.  The stash, well the fabric is all on the shelves – that’s something, right?  Is it neat and tidy — well…the doors close so that’s as good as it gets right now.  I’ll tackle that another day. 

I’m clearly missing the gene that makes you put a piece of fabric neatly back in it’s place when you’re done with it.  If I’m auditioning fabrics, if I change my mind, the rejects get tossed to a different corner of the floor, not immediately, neatly put back in place.  But that untidy pile is a sign that creativity is going on.  Eventually, all those fabrics make it back to the shelves.

Among all the cleaning, I did finally get around to hanging the lone star wallhanging I made for my bedroom.  The photos are a bit dark – the “maroon” center of the star is actually three different shades of that color and the star is all made of Cherrywood Hand dyed fabrics – my favorites. http://www.cherrywoodfabrics.com/

As you can see, the lone star was made to match the bedroom furniture.