Loopy Academy Cowl done

DSCN3812My Loopy Academy Slipstream cowl is finished.  This yarn is so pretty.

DSCN3805 There’s four difference stitches used in this cowl and I love them all.  In the second photo you may be able to see the dark brown beads in the center of the mock cable stitches.  This is a great pattern to use a variegated yarn – all the different stitches really keep it interesting but I’m thinking about making a very plain one with some pretty beads too.

Today, while out running errands, I stopped at Wisconsin Craft Market which has really expanded their yarn selections and have many I like that I can’t get at the local yarn shops — that could be both a good thing and a bad thing that some of them are available without having to order on line. :-)  I stopped in because I wanted some yarn to make a sweater for a friend’s little girl and I didn’t really have any yarn that could be tossed in the washer and dryer.  So I found this pretty little color – and it’s so soft.


and then I spied this and for some reason it was calling me – a bit of mohair, a bit of sparkle – but I see the pizza delivery guy headed round to my door so you’ll just have to wait to see what I’m going to make out of these. ;-)


One mitten done….

DSCN3803  I love this pattern.  It fits perfectly.  Definitely need to make more of these — well at least one more anyway. ;-)


My Loopy Academy Cowl is about half way done and is looking great but I’m too lazy to go take a photo.

Loopy Academy Mittens

Things are going much better now that I have the needles I wanted and found a pattern I like — despite the fact that there are cable stitches in it.  :-)

Actually, the cable area knits up quickly and it’s fun to see those ridges appear and merge.  I didn’t make my cuff as long as the pattern called for — I think it said to make it seven inches long, mine’s a couple of inches shorter — but the fit around my hand is absolutely perfect.


Knitter’s Gifts September Block is Now Available

My quilt design images have been sent off for approval finally so I got to writing this up much quicker than I thought I might.

mit  The block for this month is now available.  Well, no, this snowman mitten isn’t actually in the quilt but you could easily make him  – the face just happened to be saved in the same file when I was looking for some applique to add to the basic mitten — this month’s block gives you opportunities to make them your own – adding more fabrics, trims, buttons and other embellishments or you could add applique or embroidery.

Remember, you will need your sashing fabric next month! EQ7 estimates 1+1/2 yards for the sashing.  I have to decide what I want to use for that yet.

I’ve been on the computer working since early this morning – dang my day is gone since it’s nearly 6 p.m.   Hmmmm.. might just have to call the pizza guy for dinner tonight!!

Fall /Autumn Collections Sale


Don’t miss out.  Two of my personal favorite wall hanging designs I did for EQ Boutique are included in this sale.


Harvest Time, which I’m currently personally gathering fabrics for because I haven’t stitched my own version of that one yet…


and Thankful Bounty – probably my favorite wall hanging in my collection.

But check out the other designers’ collections in this sale too!  Lots of fun stuff.

You can find all the sale designs here.   Please be sure to check the requirements of using these products.  The software no longer comes as a download as when it was EQ Boutique so you need to have EQ7, either for PC or Mac, in order to use these products.


On the needles, off the needles, and everywhere in between….

There are so many projects in the works it’s hard to keep track.  Some are hibernating and will do so for a while – like socks I’ve been working on forever and keep pushing aside.  My ESK quarterly project – it will get done eventually but not by the deadline.

My Birch Bark CustomFit sweater, – I ditched the original plan with the three cable panel up the front.  Between the yarn I’m using and my tension, the cables just weren’t showing up.  If they are not going to really pop against the background and just blend in instead, then I’m not wasting my time making them.  I switched that section so a bunch of mock cables — smaller, I don’t know if they’ll show up any better in the end but I really like making them.

My other CustomFit aqua sweater — still knitting along on the front but looks much like my last photo.

Now there’s the Loopy Academy projects to be working on.

Actually, one of  my three projects for this semester is already done.  Greyson Hat.

DSCN3788  I would love a whole sweater made out of this yarn – it’s so soft.  Hard to get a good photo of a hat.  Maybe tomorrow I can get a photo that actually shows the mock cables along the edge of this and true yarn color.  But then again – with all the rain that seems to fall nonstop, maybe not.

Anyway – one project done.

I was going back and forth about the mittens.  I couldn’t find my mitten pattern I love.  I wanted to make felted mittens and I knew that if I made the largest size of one particular mitten in that pattern book, it would be too big for me and would felt down to the right size.  Looked high and low.  The book will show up after I start on my mittens using another pattern.

Then I decided, I’d use another pattern I found and just double the yarn which would make it proportionally bigger and should felt down well.  Except – (1) I have one mitten nearly done and I think I’ll run out of yarn for the second one (2) making the double stranded will make them felt down even thicker and too thick felted mittens mean you can’t bend your hand in them to say hold the house key or a bus pass.

So I’m in the process of ripping that one back out and will be making the Northanger Abbey mittens.  I won’t be making the cuffs quite as long as the pattern calls for but I really like the pattern that comes from the wrist up over the lower part of the hand — even if it means a bit of cables again.

My cowl is started and the first stitch pattern is done.  I happen to have some beads here that go well with the yarn so will be adding those into the next section.

Tonight, a stop at the local quilt shop.  It also has a very nice selection of yarn and I needed some double pointed needles for my mittens.  Someone (who looks very much like me) got mad that her metal cable needle kept slipping out of the cables she was working on and decided that a larger sized wooden double pointed needle, broken in half, would be the perfect cable needle because it wouldn’t slide around.  So that nameless person found one and as she can’t remember the last time she used a double point in that size, broke one in half and sanded a point on the other end and it was a fantastic cable needle until……. two weeks later she found a mitten pattern that needed 5 dps of that size to make them (ah, yes, that’s the last time I used those — they were my mitten making dps!).

So anyway, stopped and got those needles.  That’s all I needed but I walked by one shelf of yarn and ran my hand over it.       It was all over then — I was picking colors — one of the ladies who works there asked if I had found everything I was looking for.  I held up my needles in one hand  and told her “This is what I needed that I came in her for”.  Then I held up my other hand and she just laughed and said “and then you touched that yarn.”  A kindred spirit – she knew I couldn’t leave without getting some.

It’s Knit One Crochet Too Covet (100% superbaby alpaca) in Mink, Pearl, Aquamarine, and Celestine — even the colors sound rich and wonderful. I just can’t stop squishing it – it just feels incredible.  I don’t know what I’m going to make but am thinking a cowl or some sort of scarf — not an “outdoor – winter weather trying to stay warm”  scarf but a scarf to wear over a pretty plain sweater or blouse.   Now to go cast on those mittens. or maybe start the beaded part of my cowl.


Loopy Academy School Supplies

DSCN3783  My “school supplies” have arrived today – along with the Loopy Academy button which Little Loopy has claimed as his sword – protector of the stash from any rival Academy.  If I see him armed with a double-pointed needle sword, I’ll know we’re in trouble! :-)

The variegated – Mrs. Crosby Satchel in Toucan for my cowl.

To the right of that, Mrs. Crosby Carpet Bag in  Peacock.  The peacock is darker and more rich looking than in my photo and I might actually wear the hat I am making out of it because the color is so wonderful.

And in the back – Cascade 220 Heathers in 2433 Pacific for the mittens.  I haven’t decided on a mitten pattern for sure yet but I have enough yarn for the mittens that I might try felting them.  I don’t want them real tightly felted because then they get too stiff but a little felting could be a good thing when the below zero wind chills start to blow.

Now to collect the needles I’ll need, get to winding some of this yarn, and maybe start on one of them – there’s all semester to get them done.   Oh dang – now I have to go add this yarn into my “yarn in” numbers on the Knit the Stash tally.  Oh well – at least I know it won’t be too long before I can count it back out again. (Well, except for that extra hank of Toucan I got.)


But it might be a good day to sit out side for an hour or two and knit since after inches and inches of rain in the past week, it’s a lovely day here for a change.  Sunny, low 70s, no humidity, slight breeze — could it please stay this way for another month or two???

All the rain we got, and the heat and dry before that, did not help my garden at all.  Neither did the chipmunks and squirrels who kept taking chomps out of my already pathetic tomatoes and a pepper.    My cucumbers – those were great.  Probably didn’t produce as much as normal due to conditions, but produced plenty for one person to be eating and there’s still a couple more yet growing on the vines.   My red onions – did not get big at all but I’ll pull them eventually and use them.  The rain keeps washing the dirt off the top of them and I keep putting it back around them.    Tomatoes — my five plants did not get much on them at all and what was on them – either green or starting to get ripe, the critters chomped on all except……

one yellow tomato  and these

DSCN3781 Three little tomatoes were all I got!!!!  Dang critters.  But look at that pepper.  It is gorgeous and about 6″ long.  I was afraid to leave it out there to get any redder on the vine because I thought the critters were probably just waiting for the right moment to eat it.  There two or three more like it on that one pepper plant which was the star of my garden which hopefully will make it to fully ripe so that I (not critters) can eat them.  This one is going to be showcased on my dinner plate tomorrow night.  Steak and along with that my favorite salad topping combination — red onions (from my garden), pepper rings, blue cheese crumbles and walnuts.    I was going to have that tonight but had lunch really late so I think  a BLT with some of those tomatoes might be in order.

A slightly different alternate setting

For those working on Dog Pound Pals – the instructions for this month are loaded to the page.  There is one example of the setting sashing in those instructions, which is in the quilt image printed on that page and on yesterday’s blog post.  You can, however, flip them the opposite so the dark HSTs surround the opposite blocks.  Your choice – the sections are all made exactly the same way as the instructions, just flip flop.

Here’s the original image

dpp finished 82 x 92

and here’s the pieces flipped the opposite way





As for me – you know I seldom actually make my quilts exactly like my own patterns.  :-)  I want the applique dogs as a smaller, separate project than the entire quilt pattern since I’m going to hang the applique dogs on my living room wall. 

The Run Like the Wind border blocks and the bone blocks  I plan to use in a separate quilt I need to make.  They will look equally cute in rows in a baby quilt in more realistic dog fabrics or in bright crazy fabrics.  Or maybe I’ll put a large dog house in the middle and put the dogs around it.  

Anyway, here’s my plan to use the applique blocks for a wall hanging.  It will still be pretty large but I have some nice big walls.






Dog Pound Pal Adoption Society members…… the unveiling……..

I decided rather than just show this on the DPPAS project page, I’d share it here as well.    So far the  “Society Members” have been busy appliqueing their twelve dog blocks.   At least one member, still has two blocks to applique because she’s fallen behind working on other quilt designs, Camp Loopy fabric projects and Camp Loopy knitting projects and she’s just been going a bit loopy with too many things on her plate — that would be me in case you didn’t figure it out.  But I’ll catch up eventually!

Anyway, the DPPAS members have been playing along not knowing what the final quilt design will look like.  Of course they can always finish their quilt off some other way, and there are already some finished quilt photos in the Justquiltin Flickr group.  But if they choose to continue on with my plan, here’s what the finished project will look like. 

dpp finished 82 x 92  I love the applique dog patterns but the dogs in the outer border, which I call “Run Like the Wind” just make me laugh.  It so reminds me of Cricket, the miniature schnauzer I had with the big floppy ears who could run like the wind.

This is a very sedate coloring of this quilt — the Members are making them in all kinds of fabrics – plaids, florals, batiks bright and more muted.  If you haven’t checked out the blocks in the Flickr group you really should.  They are so fun to see in all their different colors and fabric styles. 

So for those stitching along on this project – more info as to some options, finished sizes if you include only some borders versus all borders, etc. will be posted tomorrow along with the next section to stitch (we’re putting together the center of the quilt) will be posted to the DPPAS page.



Off and On the Needles – September 5, 2014



  Off the needles earlier this week – the back of my CustomFit Birch Bark.  It doesn’t really look like much tossed on the floor with all the edges curling willy nilly.

I started the sleeves, messed up the sleeves and ripped them out.  Decided to start the front instead and figured out what I had been doing wrong – reading the chart incorrectly – duh! so I’m at  least one repeat in on the cables on the front — three rows of the and the center row starts at the halfway point of the cable so they look like they alternate.   Did I mention I dislike making cables?? ;-)   Oh well, I’ll soldier on but it has been relegated to home knitting rather than bus knitting.

So my bus knitting is my other CustomFit sweater which I can just happily knit along on and not have to worry about cable needles or which row I’m on and marking off each row.

My Loopy Academy yarn is scheduled to arrive tomorrow. :-)  I’m not going to the Wisconsin Quilt Expo tomorrow after all  (the vendors are probably very sad!) and probably a good thing I’ll be home to save my  Box of Fun from floating down the sidewalk.   Mother Nature can turn off the faucet — it’s way to wet here already.