Below you will find info about EQ Boutique – the only place where any of my designs are currently for sale.  At the bottom of this page, is additional info on how it all works, and some screen shots of what you will see.  You don’t need EQ software to buy and use patterns or block collections from EQ Boutique.  So check it out – there are lots of great patterns by many designers and more are always being added.

 When shopping EQ, if you click on a specific pattern or block collection to look at you will see a screen similar to this.  It gives you information on the design, if there are written quilt assembly instructions included and a host of other info.

The patterns and block collections are downloads. You need to create an account for yourself before purchasing and then will be able to access any purchases through your account page.

  Within each pattern or collection your purchase, there is a Learning Section.

   And there is also a pattern section which shows all the patterns in the design you purchased.  You can resize and print patterns / templates in whatever size you wish so no more going to the copy shop or having to figure out the percentage you want to enlarge.   If it’s drawn as an 8″ block but you want to make 12″ blocks – you just tell it that!

Keep reading – the rest of the info below is directly from the folks at EQ who can explain all this far better than me!  And if you make a quilt from any of my designs on EQ Boutique, I’d love to see a photo of your interpretation of it to share on the blog!


New from EQ!
You’ll find loads of unique block patterns from the top designers in quilting when you visit the new My EQ Boutique. Shop, download and use these cool block collections found in the easy My EQ Boutique software (free with first block purchase). Patterns can be printed at any size, sewing instructions are included where applicable, and template, foundation, and rotary-cutting versions of the patterns are all right at your fingertips. It’s simple, fun, and totally inspiring! Visit myeqboutique.com for all the details.

How it Works
It’s easy! Your first My EQ Boutique purchase comes with a FREE software program. The EQ Boutique pattern software is the utility used to print the patterns for your block collections purchased from the My EQ Boutique website.  You can print your patterns at the recommended size and follow the written pattern instructions. Or, you can be creative and print the patterns at ANY size and create your own masterpiece.

Shop the website
Check out all the collections available from the top designers in the industry. Many designer collections come with sewing instructions that are downloaded with your purchases.  Any “Boutique Blocks” that you purchase are strictly patterns to print with no sewing instructions. Best part, though? You can print them at any size!
As you shop, make note of the Note: on each product’s page. Some of the projects and designs originated from other Electric Quilt software that is no longer available for purchase. We want you to be aware of this so you aren’t purchasing patterns you may already own.

Installing the My EQ Boutique Software
Follow the instructions carefully to ensure a good installation of the My EQ Boutique pattern software. After the installation, your software will open and your newly purchased block collection will show up in the list on the left.
Do you own Electric Quilt 7? Use the quick and easy Link My EQ Boutique utility to link these blocks with your EQ7. This utility is included with the My EQ Boutique software. You’ll find it on your computer by going here:

Start > Programs > Electric Quilt > My EQ Boutique > Link My EQ Boutique Blocks with EQ7.

Have fun designing!

Using the software
The My EQ Boutique pattern software is a FREE download with your block collections. It includes a complete Learning section and a Pattern section full of all your block purchases. It’s simply a utility for viewing and printing your patterns. However, it’s packed with so much more!

-          View patterns in grayscale and color.

-          View suggested print sizes for each block.

-          View suggested construction methods for each block.

-          View and print sewing instructions (if applicable).

-          Learn about different sewing, cutting and quilting techniques.

-          Collect all your Boutique purchases in one place.

-          Print template patterns, foundation piecing patterns, and rotary cutting charts.

-          Best of all, print your patterns in ANY size at ANY time!


System Requirements
Software (c) 1991-2011 The Electric Quilt Company. All rights reserved.

Your purchase requires a FREE software application, My EQ Boutique pattern software.

The system requirements for the software application include: Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 (32 or 64 bit), Internet access, 15 MB of available hard disk space, screen resolution of 1024 x 768 or greater, PDF viewer (ex. Adobe Reader).


    • Yvonee – Let Sleeping Dogs Lie was in Quiltmaker magazine last year. You’ll have to check their website to see if there are still back issues available for sale. It was the Sept/Oct 2011 issue.

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