One sock finished

 The left side of the finished sock and then the right side of the finished sock — different pooly designs on the foot but it makes them interesting.  It will be really interesting to see how the second sock looks once I get to the foot part.

   It’s noon time – I’m still in my pjs – and since that fall I had taken I’ve done pretty much nothing around the house so I need to get showered and dressed and get busy with a bit of straightening up around here.  Clutter abounds, dishwasher needs to be emptied and reloaded, and I need to see what’s in the freezer to take out for dinner since I haven’t really been doing much cooking either.  I am just a little sad that I am not going to be at the Wisconsin Quilt Expo today – this is the first year I’ve missed it – but walking around on those cement floors for hours I’m afraid will just make my knee and back sore again so I decided not to go…….. but oh all those vendors I am missing…. sob… not that I really need anything.  Maybe I’ll just order some more yarn instead. LOL

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6 comments on “One sock finished

  1. I’m addicted to knitting socks, but always hated having to start the second one – then discovered Melissa Morgan-Oakes book called 2-at-a-time socks, done on a circular needle. You get them done at the same time and they always have the same number of rows! I will never knit just one sock again, unless it is a Christmas stocking!

    • Yes – I don’t really care that they pool – it definitely makes them unique. I did very little housework (okay did empty and fill the dishwasher and make a good dinner) but then opted for a bit of sewing and knitting instead.

  2. Love the pooling too–makes them interesting! Was wondering if you were going to the Quilt show this year–but it’s good that you are going to take it easy with the injuries. The main thing is to get completely healed….and be safe. There’s always next year!

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