CTS – The House In The Woods

 My last border block — House in the Woods — is now available.  It can be found by clicking the button for CTS in the sidebar and going to the bottom of that page to get the link just like you did for all my other patterns.

There will be no block on my blog in October but you still need to go to Judy, Sheryl and Susan’s blogs next month as usual to collect blocks froom them.

Come back to my blog in November for the final instructions to set this whole quilt together.

So how are you doing?  Are you caught up to date on this project and ready to get started on this month’s blocks?

I’m caught up through August and actually a bit ahead of schedule — I have one whole tree in the woods block already done! LOL  Also I have Susan’s September block already done and also her November block already done.


Here’s my version of Susan’s Christmas Cactus block for September.

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5 comments on “CTS – The House In The Woods

  1. Thanks for this month’s block. I thought it should be your last one. I am so pathetic about getting the blocks, I have checked and re-checked all this morning, lol! Now I have them all and can pick the colors. Sad part is, I probably won’t get to them before the middle of the month, but that’s okay. They will be done for the next month!

  2. Thanks for the block, it looks great! Have not started yet as I just came across these, but plan to real soon…just have to decide my color scheme :)

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