12 in 2012 Sock Challenge – On the Needles Friday report

The month of July flew by and the week back at work after vacation did not exactly fly by…. It wasn’t really bad but it seemed like a really long week and a lot of that had to do with the nonstop heat and humidity every day.  It just makes me tired!

But I forgot to do the end of the month 12 in 2012 Sock Challenge post.  How are you doing on your challenge.  I’ve been so busy with Camp Loopy and the Stephen West KAL, that I have not done much sock knitting.  I think the last that I worked on, the Honey Dew sock, is ready to turn the heel but  that’s where it’s been for weeks.

As for what’s on the needles this Friday –

  It doesn’t look like much at the moment since it’s all squished up on the needles by my Camp Loopy 3 project, Scalene, is almost done.  I haven’t gone back and checked the yardage but I was going to run out of the aqua color (about 6 rows and the bind off short) so I switched back to the green color for the outer edge which will work fine.  I’ve just got thos elast rows to go and I’ll be finished.  It’s so soft feeling.   So I’ll be done with my final Camp Loopy project by the end of the weekend!  

Then I need to go  back and get that Stephen West KAL done.  I haven’t even started last week Friday’s clue and today the final clue came out.  Should be too hard to catch up tho.   I hadn’t really planned to get it done in time to be eligible for the prize giveaways but it turns out I should have plenty of time to do so I think.  Then back to my sock knitting!

Don’t forget – the next installment of CTS comes out tomorrow. :-)

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3 comments on “12 in 2012 Sock Challenge – On the Needles Friday report

  1. Pretty yarn colors! I did a shawl in those colors last year. Oh we all need more knitting and sewing and quilting time — it just flies by doesn’t it? Have a great weekend.

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