Less is more….

At least as far as the border for this quilt is concerned.  I’m calling it done – this one is perfect – restful after all that busy-ness in the center and a great place for stitching feathers.


 Hmmm… I definitely see some fabric shopping coming up some time in the future for this quilt — a LOT of fabric shopping since this is one very large quilt — at least for the background fabrics and the taupy/brown shades.  The “colors” I can probably find in the stash since they need so little.

But off to do a bit of straightening up and find some lunch.


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10 comments on “Less is more….

  1. I agree – I think this one is just right – I did like the previous version as it also had a less fussy border…..but then I saw this version and thought “perfect”!

  2. Love the solid border, good resting place for the eye, not distracting from the beauty of the inner blocks…definitely one I would buy from EQ

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