Round and round and round

that’s how I keep knitting on my Camp Loopy 2 project.  Perhaps I added a few too many extra stitches – it’s supposed to be able to loopy at least twice around your check – mine I think will loop around my shoulders, around my neck, and I can still probably pull it up over my head like a hood. :-)  But I’ll be warm, right! and I’ll have knit the required number of yards.

Acutally I’ve knit at least the amount of yardage I need to but why have left over yarn that there’s not enough to do anything else with – so I knit a bit more before beginning the casting off — which is going to take a while since there’s at least 320 stitches there.

Hmmm…. wonder what Camp Loopy’s last project will be.

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One comment on “Round and round and round

  1. Love the color of your yarn, I love cowls, especially when they can be pulled up to cover your head. Barbara in western NC

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