CTS Progress

I’ve been busy – after a bit of cleaning I got busy and finished my last Manor House block.  All 8 are now done.  Some of all the same yellow in the windows, some houses have a window or two that is darker or lighter, and some are sort of gray where I don’t think anyone is home in those houses.

I also just finished Susan’s The Three Trees block so here’s what I have so far.

Now on to cutting the pieces for Judy’s block and getting the applique ready for Sheryl’s.

Remember all pertinent info/links for this project on my blog will be found on the CTS page which you access simply by clicking on the button for it in the sidebar.

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5 comments on “CTS Progress

  1. Well, you are way ahead of me! I do have all the patterns printed, though, and I had a bet with myself that Sheryl’s would be appliqué. All very nice!

    • You’ll catch up in no time. Yep – I knew Sheryl would have some applique in there too ;-) (much to Judy’s dismay but she’s perservering!) LOL

  2. Hi,Thanks so much for this lovely Bom i took the your Manor house block,3 trees block,but can’t find the other house blocks.Thanks so much again n warmest wishes. My mail cfutaci7@gmail.com

    • That means you have my block and Susan’s block for this month but you need to follow the links to Judy’s blog and Sheryl’s blog to get the other two blocks for this month — they are not house blocks. Go to the button for the quilt in my sidebar, click it and on the next page it takes you too you will find links to the other two blogs.

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