Ah Sewing…..

finally after several weeks of virtually no sewing time — I spent the afternoon stitching.   Just couldn’t stand all that blank design wall going to waste. LOL

  So now it’s holding bits and pieces of the quilt I starting cutting out earlier today.  Progress has been made as there’s a bunch more pieces in various stages on the table but when I decided to stop for a coffee break a few minutes ago I realized – hey its dark outside!  It’s way past coffee break time and darn near past dinner time so guess I’ll go find something to eat but its great to finally make some sewing progress.

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2 comments on “Ah Sewing…..

  1. LOL LOL I hear you,,and it looks good,,you have color,,lol you take it easy now,,,you have been working hard,,take care HUGS and Cheers,,,Jeanne xoxo

  2. Design wall looking good Denise! I love your sewing machine, been thinking a lot lately of getting my old portable out of storage to use, they are such work horses.

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