A full day of sewing

It’s been a while since I spent the majority of the day sewing -but indeed I have.  But it’s quitting time and time to go find a comfy chair and knit for a while.

After taking one row of blocks off, laying them out in the right order, I again picked them up and turned the row and sewing it wrong AGAIN!! Sheesh — many bad words said.  Ripped again and managed to get the darn thing done corrrectly.

Here it is so far

 The outer border that’s on it right now was going to be purple all the way around but of course since I made the first mistake of cutting too many pieces, I didn’t have enough left to do the side borders.  Nor enough red to to all.  Since it’s already a riot of color, might as well have different colored borders – both in the same print.  So it’s on to the pieced borders next.  The rectangles in my pieced border will be a bit shorter than the original drawing — again thanks to cutting too many pieces and sorting myself on fabric.  Who would think such a simple design would give me so many fits. LOL  But it will all work – I can use the extra pieces I cut and all will be well.

I’ve already been eyeing up a few other fabrics in the stash planning a second quilt from this pattern.  It really is quick and easy if, unlike me, you actually cut and stitch things correctly.

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