Saturday Sewing

So far no sewing has been accomplished but other quilty things have.  Pattern instructions I needed to finish have had their final proof so I can email them off and cross that project off my list.  In the meantime I opened EQ and have still been thinking on the baby quit I need to make.  There is a group of baby quilt fqs in the stash that I remembered last night which I may use so was trying to come up with something I could make the most of them since there’s a pictorial sort of print that looks best not chopped up too much.  But here’s the general idea I’ve come up with.

The largest print would go in the center of the squares.  Now I need to print out yardage and do some figuring to see if the fat quarters will work where I want and if there’s anything in the stash that will work where I need larger yardage amounts. 

If I can find the right fabrics in the stash I’d like to get started on this this weekend and I’ve got the defrag quilt to get layered and start quilting on also.


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