Name that Quilt

Rather than doing a whole list of other things I should, I’ve been playing with an EQ design I started a while ago.  I will get the May Crop Circles written up soon.. really I will…and it will stay up a full month’s time so you have plenty of time to download it, but in thinking about that, I realized we’ll soon be drawing to a close on Crop Circles.  I think there’s just May and June and it will be finished off.  So what to work on after that?  I decided to offer this pattern  below as a block of the month to finish out  the year.  But alas, it has no name!  and I am always stuck trying to come up with names for quilts.  So what do you think it should be called?  Post a comment with your suggestion of what I should call it and you could name this next BOM.   I’ll begin posting the monthly sewing instuctions starting the first Saturday in July.  There will be a page set up in the right sidebar where you can get the links to the pdf files.  Once it has a name I’ll also post the yardage requirements and other pertinent info by June 1 so be sure to check back.

My first coloring was the purple and green (I seem to be stuck on purple lately) but I randomly colored it in with some other color combinations to show you what it could look like in a few different colorways.  I’m really liking the brown and pinkish combination – even tho pink is not a favorite color of mine so go figure! 

So, what name should it have?


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8 comments on “Name that Quilt

    • You are speedy Kim. You’re comment came through only seconds after I loaded that post! It does look like mosaics doesn’t it.

  1. Hey I would love to see this in neutrals, although I usually love bright colours mind mind went strait to neutrals….go figure also.

    Jill – Australia

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